Manchester United vs Wolves

On Monday, following a controversial incident during the match between Manchester United and Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers), referee Simon Hooper, Michael Salisbury, and Richard West have been removed from officiating in any game in the upcoming week of the Premier League.

After a contentious Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester United, referee Simon Hooper, along with Michael Salisbury and Richard West, has been banned from officiating any game in the coming week. This decision was made following a controversial event during the match that took place on Monday, where a late penalty appeal by Wolves was denied.

The incident occurred during additional time (95:10 +7′) when Manchester Joined’s goalkeeper, Andre Onana, crashed into Wolves’ striker Saša Kalajdžić while endeavoring to clear a cross. Despite the collision, which caused Kalajdžić to fall to the ground, on-field referee Simon Hooper did not perceive any foul play and allowed the game to continue.

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Michael Salisbury and Richard West also refrained from intervening, adhering only to the guidance of raising their flags for clear and obvious errors. The coordinate closed with Manchester Joined getting a 1-0 triumph, leaving Wolves disappointed by the shortfall of a punishment call.

Wolves’ manager, Gary O’Neil, expressed dissatisfaction with the use of VAR in such situations, highlighting it as an unclear area in the game. He also disclosed that Premier League referee manager John Moss had personally apologized for the mistake.

This incident has sparked discussions about the accountability of referees and the effectiveness of VAR in ensuring fair and impartial play. As the football local area sitting tight for the following round of matches, the results of this occasion act as a wake up call of the significant job of refs play in the game.

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