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High Protein Diet: How To Make Yummy Tandoori Paneer Crepes


  • Paneer is also known as cottage cheese
  • Paneer is a good source of protein
  • You can make a gamut of snacks using paneer

There are days when we love experimenting with new ingredients, add new textures to our dishes; but on most days, we are just thankful for versatile ingredients like paneer. Add it to gravy, parathas, desserts, paneer is bound to shine. A byproduct of milk, paneer is loaded with calcium that is good for your bones. They are also an incredible source of protein. Protein as we all know is a building block of life, it helps build muscle, and because it keeps you satiated for long — it prevents overeating. Eating in controlled portions may help facilitate your weight-loss goals.

As we mentioned earlier, paneer can be used to make a gamut of snacks, so why stick to your bhurjee and paneer tikka? With this recipe by Mumbai-based food vlogger Alpa, you can surprise your family members with a super crispy and yummy treat in a matter of minutes.

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To make this Tandoori paneer crepe you need to make the stuffing first. In a  bowl mix paneer cubes, yogurt, tandoori masala, chilli flakes, lime juice, garlic paste, oregano and salt. Marinate for 30 minutes. Fry the paneer with capsicum. Cook till nice and dry. Sprinkle some fresh coriander on top. Transfer the paneer stuffing in another bowl.


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Now for the crepe, in a mixer add maida, milk, water, sugar, salt and melted butter. Cover the lid and give it a good mix until you get the desired consistency. Remove the crepe batter in a separate bowl. Keep it aside for 15 minutes. Add baking soda and mix again. Start making thin crepes on your pan, take them out gently and fill them with the stuffing.


Sounds easy right, try making it at home and send us your thoughts! Here’s the full recipe video on ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’ YouTube channel.

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