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Border situation stable, no role for US: China | India News

NEW DELHI: A day after the third Indo-US 2+2 ministerial dialogue, China described the LAC situation Wednesday as “generally stable” at the moment while asserting that the boundary issue is between India and China only.
The Chinese foreign ministry said that both had unimpeded channels for communication, and were properly handling matters through consultation and negotiation.
This was even as China launched a scathing attack on the US for, as it claimed, sowing discord between regional countries and and undercutting regional peace and stability.
Like the foreign ministry, the Chinese embassy here too was careful not to attack India even as it asked the US to abandon its “Cold War and zero-sum mentality”. In a late night statement, hours after the departure of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the embassy said China and India had the wisdom and ability to handle their differences properly.
“The boundary question is a bilateral matter between China and India. The two sides have been discussing disengagement and deescalation in the border areas through diplomatic and military channels. There’s no space for a third party to intervene,” said the embassy statement.
Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, as well as the embassy here, said China had always held that bilateral relations between countries should be conducive to regional peace, stability and development and “should not undermine the legitimate rights and interests of any third party”.
India and China have held 7 rounds of senior commanders’ meetings to resolve the military standoff in Ladakh but without any breakthrough. On the last 2 occasions though, they managed to issue a joint statement on the talks in a sign that the situation was stabilising.
China was unrelenting in its criticism of the US though with the embassy here accusing Pompeo and Esper of repeating old lies and violating “the norms of international relations and basic principles of diplomacy”.
Both here and in Beijing, China said that the Indo-Pacific strategy proposed by the US was meant to “stir up confrontation among different groups and blocs and to stoke geopolitical competition, in a bid to maintain the dominance of the US, organize closed and exclusive ideological cliques”.
“China resolutely opposes behaviour of engaging in unilateralism and bullying. By hyping up the so-called China threat, the US is in fact making pretexts for maintaining its global hegemony and containing China’s development,” it said.
The embassy in its statement also accused the US of “distorting facts” by shifting the blame for Covid-19 to China. “What China has done and achieved in our fight against the virus are open for all to see. We hope US politicians could focus on their own epidemic response and saving lives instead of shifting blame on others,” it said.

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